Unveil a “Year- end” surprise by Phixman.com for all its customers

December, the last month of the year brings a lot of offers and discounts for all types of markets whether it be electronics, cars or any other products. Keeping this in mind that December is a big-ticket market for electronic purchases, Phixman.com has decided to give its customers to give an attractive 30% discount on all the repair services at their online and offline retailer stores.

Phixman.com is currently the biggest mobile and gadget repairing store existing in India; it has both offline and online retail stores which gives the best quality repair service to its clients. It works in a way that is different from its competitors, the customers do not have to travel from store to store to look for genuine parts and repair service for their gadgets as Phixman.com is a one-stop solution for all the problems. It’s the USP of Phixman that they provide a free pick up and drop service for the gadgets of their customers and also a doorstep repair service by the highly qualified technicians. While others take two to three days of time for repairs even for a small issue, Phixman.com guarantees the repair of their gadgets within 24 hours irrespective of the brand problem prevailing in the gadget.

CEO & Founder, Phixman.com, Shaad Rehman said, “Its time when 2019 is ending and a new year is coming up, a time when there is a wave of discounts and offers in every industry so I thought it is necessary for Phixman.com as well to bring a smile on its customers face while ending 2019. We have decided to give a 30 percent discount on all our repair services on our online and offline stores without doing any compromise on the quality anyhow. We are always ready to serve our customers and this discount must somehow have added a smile on all our tech freaky customers at the end of 2019.”

The kind of services Phixman provides is far better than their local competitors in terms of quality, prices, and facilities, while the services and facilities provided by the local phone repair shops cannot be banked upon when it comes to security and service warranty but Phixman’s team has experienced and security cleared engineers, equipment and procedures, and Phixman’s also guarantee every repair for three months. Paxman has over 75 stores all over India and is operating both online and offline. The main objective of the company is to give customers smooth and effortless service be it a repair, purchase or selling of gadgets. We provide repair delivery and doorstep repair if the damage isn’t that severe. And we assure warranty for 90 days post-repair.

About Phixman:-


Phixman is the HUB for all the mobile and gadget repair and maintenance related services. It provides and enhances the word ‘fixing’ by making it more easy, effective, efficient and within the reach of all. Incepted with an idea to make Smartphone repair a breeze, Phixman take care of all problems such as damaged screen, parts missing, or any other issue at the convenience of the customers. It provides doorstep service as well as physical stores in a few cities.

Paxman also deals in buying back of old phones and the sale of certified refurbished phones and gadgets. If you have an addiction to changing the phone periodically then Phixman is the best place to be.

The idea is to solve bigger problems in the industry not only for our customers but also for brands for their post-retail services for creating more brand loyalty after every customer takes the service.

Also, we deal with every smartphone brand and laptop brand available in the market like Apple, Samsung, etc.

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