OnePlus Concept One | First Disappearing Camera Phone

OnePlus Concept One|First Disappearing Camera Smartphone

OnePlus Concept One | First Disappearing Camera-Technology is growing day by day New things are being developed every day which strongly amuse us when we hear about them Many companies are trying to update their products with new technologies to attract more and more consumers towards their products. OnePlus is no exception and is constantly surprising us with its wide range of smartphones. Moreover, the recent Oneplus smartphone series which included OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 pro and Oneplus 7T has been a huge success in India.

OnePlus lovers just stopped gushing about OnePlus 7T, but the company was ready with another surprise. Recently, OnePlus announced another smartphone OnePlus Concept One. Oneplus launches its First Disappearing Camera called Concept One. It has taken internet with storm and technical geeks can’t stop talking about it because it is the first Smartphone with a camera that can disappear when not in use. OnePlus has surprised its rival companies with this development of technology in their smartphone.

OnePlus Concept One|First Disappearing Camera Smartphone
OnePlus Concept One|First Disappearing Camera Smartphone


How OnePlus managed to disappear the camera?

One of the world’s leading sports car manufacturers McLaren is the inspiration behind the disappearance of the camera of this smartphone. An electrochromic glass protects the camera of this phone. A certain amount of current helps electrochromic glass turn opaque. This is the reason behind the disappearance of the camera on this phone. Likewise, McLaren also uses this concept in their cars. Some of their cars use this concept. This glass helps turn the sunroof of their cars opaque to block the Sun. Concept One has a papaya orange leather back case which gives it some McLaren touch.

We don’t think OnePlus would begin introducing the “Invisible Camera” in flagships anytime soon. The company has been known in the past to exclude any features on its phones whose cost outweighs the benefit. In any case, we think the photography aspect of the Invisible Camera has great potential even if it is just for filtering highlights.


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