January 15, 2021


"Live the technology"

About us


Hello Everyone!

Crack Tech is a site where you will find all the tech updates and information. We’ll try to give the update about everything at the earliest. We also ensures that anything you will read here is 100% true without any fake news or review. We will tell you about everything in detail with its pros and cons. You can also contact us regarding your issues.

Why are we doing this?

Well there is a specific motive behind this, we want all of you to know whats going around you. As this is the 21st century and the Digital world is growing quite fast. We will help you to find out what is best for you, So you don’t get fooled by anyone. Also Knowledge is a great whether it is in any field , you can also help your relative , family & friends if they are having any trouble.

Our benefit in this?

Hmm! Well many of you will think about it.Lemme clear there is no such benefits in this, to be honest.I’m an engineering student who is interested in technology and this is just a reason for me to stay updated in tech world and I’ll help you to learn whatever I learn.Simply, I love this work and this is my passion.

Your benefit in this?

You can collect all the basic  data about anything you want from here.You don’t have to worry or look at many blogs or vlogs we will do that for you.We will provide all the correct info along with its advantages as well as disadvantages so that you don’t have to mess around and it will also save some of your time. You will learn many new things that will surely somewhere and somehow help you.

I guess this is enough about us. You can trust us and I hope you will love our work.

Keep supporting and spreading love!!