January 24, 2021


"Live the technology"

“BLOCK CHAIN”- A Step Toward Future



Cybersecurity is a vast field and the name security we all know means to protect as black hat hackers are trying their best to steal our credentials there are white hat hackers also which are trying to protect our data.



A newly evolved technology which most people are but is it. No blockchain is being used since 19’s but using it increases rapidly in the 20’s so now the question arises what is BLOCKCHAIN?

So let’s explain it with a help of an example…

Suppose there are 5 to 6 people playing cricket now they need to set an umpire which will calculate there runs, wickets, etc. etc. but there is a probability that the umpire might leave the game in between or he might take a bribe from one team so now what the same thing we did in our Gali cricket every player who is playing the game remembers the score and if at any time the situation comes where the decision is to be taken then we can go with that where all players agree for one decision.

This is a kind of basic e.g. let’s go in detail…

so what exactly happens in it somewhat the blockchain looks like a linked list where every data or block is been attached to the previous block with a code been generated  for the perticular message or data in that perticular block and this block is with everyone so now if the hacker hacks or try to change the data in a block he will also change the code of previous one and he also need to change the previous
block too but for one computer it’s fine but what for others as the data is with everyone…

* some e.g. BitCoin transaction are done by this or even if we will see online voting then we can see this blockchain concept there also.

Blockchain is growing day by day as hackers are trying to steal data…