March 1, 2021


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Gaming Ar and Vr

Gaming Ar and Vr

Augmented and Virtual Reality are the concepts that have been the part of public discussion for some time. These technologies have always been associated with the gaming industry, due to various pop culture movies and shows. In 2016, the release of Pokemon Go, brought a lot of people out of their houses to interact and catch these “Pokemon”. It involved visiting rest stops such as a café or a mall where one could obtain collectibles. Augmented and Virtual reality is expected to disrupt the gaming industry.
What is Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality?Augmented Reality is an “enhanced” version of reality created using technology to add images, information or both into the environment. Virtual Reality is a form of simulated environment created with computer technology.
What are the applications of Augmented & Virtual Gaming?Augmented & Virtual Reality will impact games in a sizeable way. Augmented Reality games have made their way to public places and several are location based, although virtual reality games will be restricted to certain areas such as homes, offices and parks, due to them being more immersive.
In order to access games with Augmented & Virtual Reality, players may require headsets, motion-tracking sensors or their mobile phones with AR/VR compatibility. For those who use headsets, a PC with a high-end graphics processor will be necessary or a console. These games may offer non-VR and non-AR modes, for those who don’t wish to purchase the technology at the present.